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Sustainable Water Solutions

Reusing Pure Water Molecules

Water Reuse

Reusing water is a concept that is loaded with negative connotations.  People are not entirely enthusiastic about taking water that was once in a toilet and using it for brushing their teeth.  Even though the technology has been around since the beginning of manned space missions, it still makes people nervous.

While the technology has been utilized in space, it has not been cost-effective for use in our earth-bound communities, until now.  We now have the ability to take “dirty” water and remove the pure water molecules, leaving all the pollutants and contaminants behind.  With clean water becoming more of a precious commodity in many communities, this technological breakthrough can provide a real solution to “water constrained” communities.

We now have the ability to change the paradigm.  Water, like energy, can be neither created nor destroyed, it can only be changed from one state to another.  We used to think of water as being “dirty” or having to “clean up” dirty water.  Now we can simply remove the pure water molecules from any body of water and re-use that clean, pure water.

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