About Apex

Apex Arena Solutions, SBC; Apex Efficiency Solutions, SBC; Apex Facility Solutions, SBC and Apex Water Soultions, SBC are Specific Benefit Corporations. Apex was founded in 2012 as a result of our ownership team growing tired of the way Energy Service Companies delivered renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Our new business model has changed the way our projects are developed, marketed, and delivered.


Apex | A Specific Benefit Corporation

A Specific Benefit Corporation is new as of January 1, 2015 to the state of Minnesota. Being a Specific Benefit Corporation, under the public benefit corporation umbrella, means Apex pledges to pursue specific public benefits among its primary objectives. Apex is required to submit a public annual report, for each SBC Company, to the Secretary of State detailing how that particular company met its specific benefit.

Our Mission

The goal at Apex is to improve the environment by upgrading the energy efficiency of buildings, and reducing both the carbon emissions and pollution that is released into the environment from these facilities. We also serve the less fortunate by helping alleviate poverty, improving educational opportunities, providing housing and working to decrease the exploitation of children through our Apex Foundation.