Belle Plaine School District Case Study

Belle Plaine School District Light Improvement Project



We worked with the Belle Plaine school district to make their buildings more energy efficient, and lighting that better meets their needs.

The districts goals are to save energy, improve lighting, reduce maintenance, and add dimmable fixtures. They also wanted to be able to have programable fixtures, allowing for certain sets of lights to be turned off. Programmable features are beneficial for the use of Smartboards and screens.

Our Solution

We decided to go with LED lighting throughout the buildings because they are low energy and long life. We implemented dimmable and programmable fixtures for the lights.

Worked with Cedar Creek to implement the new lighting. Cedar Creek did the audit.

Project Numbers:

  • Total Cost:  $867,778.00

  • Total Energy Savings:  $59,355.70

  • Total O & M Savings:  $2,897.33

  • Rebates:  $85,764.80

  • Project Start Date:  June 13, 2017

  • Project End Date:  December 31, 2017

EducationBrynne Turner