Forest Lake Area School District Solar Panel Case Study

Solar Energy

Solar Energy and Efficiency Solutions in Schools


Apex Efficiency Solutions, SBC is pleased to introduce a new model for financing and implementing solar energy projects for Minnesota and Wisconsin school districts. Our new model utilizes a third-party tax investor who owns, insures, operates, and maintains the panels on the school’s rooftop. Apex guarantees the yearly production and savings from the solar panels, eliminating the risk to the district. Equally beneficial is the ability for the district to add a comprehensive solar energy unit to their curriculum through a production monitoring system, which comes along with the installed solar panels and allows students and staff to observe the solar production data in real time. Apex also includes solar panels for the classroom so that students can design and build their own solar energy generating projects. The average elementary school currently being built in the United States is 90,000 square feet, that is enough roof space to hold a 500 kW Rooftop mounted solar array. The cash flow below represents an estimate of the net cash savings passed along to a school district with a 500 kW solar system installed.


About the Project

  • Estimated from 500 kW

  • Project savings are guaranteed

Estimated Savings

  • $1,400,000 over 25 Years

  • $750,000 over 20 Years

  • $450,000 over 15 Years


  • Advanced Solar Curriculum

  • Getting Students Involved

Benefits of Energy Efficiency in K-12 Schools

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts

  • Reduce energy costs

  • Demonstrate leadership

  • Improve student performance

  • Increase attendance

  • Improve indoor air quality

  • Enhance educational opportunities

  • Improvements in teacher retention rates

  • Reductions in insurance costs and legal liability due to improved environmental quality

  • Enhanced efficiency multiplies the impact of renewable energy generation