Facility Mapping

School, municipal and commercial building maps are a tool used by a variety of people on your staff. They are used for practical reasons, like assigning tasks for maintenance staff, but they are also necessary in emergency situations. The Fire Marshal requires in FIN Code 363 to have up-to-date fire safety and evacuation plans, which includes maps showing exits, evacuations routes, areas of refuge and more. Apex can help your organization become compliant with these requirements. We develop and deliver a map layer package consisting of electronic .dwf and .pdf maps including, blank maps of the building footprint, room numbers and exterior door numbers; as well as maps with fire evacuation routes, severe weather shelters and fire safety and floor plans. This part of mapping can typically be funded from Health and Safety Project Funding.

We can also deliver maps that include:

  • Floor plans with teacher room assignments

  • HVAC locations, types and areas served

  • Floor finishes, color coded by finish type

  • Custodial cleaning areas

  • Addition/remodel areas

  • Roof plans coded by roof type and year of installation

  • Known asbestos areas