We have developed a solution that utilizes a patented process of resource recovery in municipal waste water.  Our solution combines membrane filtration technology with energy efficient methods of creating Class A fertilizers.  This solution will transform the way that people think of waste water.

Traditionally, people have thought of waste water as “dirty” water that needs to be cleaned before it is released to the environment.  Modern waste water plants are designed and operated around this principal of removing ammonia, nitrogen, phosphates, and other chemicals from the water, killing the pathogens, and then releasing this “treated” water back into the environment.

Now, there is a new solution.  We can simply remove the water molecules from the incoming waste water, creating a pure water stream to be reused or recycled.  This also concentrates all of the chemicals and pathogens to be treated more effectively.  Ironically, these “impurities” that a modern waste water treatment plant tries to remove and treat, are actually valuable fertilizers and soil enrichments that people pay for.  In the end, our system accepts raw sewage and creates two streams of product, a clean water stream that is purer than the current municipal drinking sources, and a Class A bio-solid that can be marketed and sold.