Renewable Energy

Capturing energy from the Earth’s natural resources can help your facility save on energy bills, and may even be a source of revenue. Apex can help your organization switch to solar, wind or geothermal energy resources.

Solar Energy

As the most abundant energy source on earth, finding a way to add solar to your energy-saving repertoire, is a smart decision. Solar panels capture the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity. There are currently some very lucrative incentives for solar energy which we have captured and leveraged in the design of our public sector solar program.

Wind Energy

The wind has been used as an energy resource for centuries with the old fashioned wind mill. These days, wind turbines do all the work, harnessing the wind’s kinetic energy and converting it into electricity.


With geothermal technology, there are opportunities to utilize the earth as a thermal battery and save energy. By rejecting heat into the ground during the summer, we can increase the efficiency of your cooling systems. We can then extract that heat during the winter months to provide savings and cool the “earth battery” for more efficient cooling during the upcoming summer months.