The waste water treatment industry hasn’t changed much in the last century.  Waste water techniques and processes were first used in the 1800’s, and unfortunately little has changed since then.  The concept then, as well as now, is to try to “treat” the waste water enough so that it can be discharged into the environment.

However, over the last few years, there has been a trend within the waste water industry to recognize there are also valuable resources contained within waste water.  The current trend is to relabel waste water treatment plants to waste water resource recovery facilities.  This trend recognizes that not everything within the waste water stream is bad, that some of it is actually valuable.  While the trend is positive, the actual treatment techniques and processes are still rooted in the same old technologies and science.

There is finally a better answer.  We now have the ability to cost-effectively remove the pure water molecules from a waste water stream, leaving all of the other chemicals and organisms behind.  This removal of pure water is the first step in total solution.  The remaining step is to recover the resources from this now concentrated waste stream and recover them for reuse. It is now possible to not only recover the pure water, but also recover the valuable nutrients and fertilizers in a way that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

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