industrial Facilities

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Industrial and Municipal Waste Water

Due to increasing environmental regulations; wastewater discharge from industrial facilities face growing costs and scrutiny. Apex brings decades of experience and a wide variety of technology to develop treatment solutions that let you maximize the reuse potential of your wastewater stream and minimize discharge costs. From the removal of Total Suspended Solids (TSS), heavy metals, BOD/COD and other organics, as well as other emerging contaminants we will work with you to develop and provide a treatment system that meets your discharge requirements, makes sense financially and integrates seamlessly with your current facility controls. 

Apex provides solutions to a wide variety of industrial sectors; from the oil and gas industry to chemical companies, food processors and breweries.  In the end whatever you are discharging Apex will work to lower your costs associated with that discharge. Apex provides turn-key, cost-effective solutions using the best available technologies. We will then follow up that solution offering construction management services during installation, as well as commissioning, training and ongoing service, as required. 

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Optimize Your Facility Efficiency

Discover the benefits of optimizing your building’s efficiency. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) legislation allows for private sector clients to obtain long-term financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Combine PACE financing with energy rebates and incentives for a great way improve your indoor air quality, lower your carbon emissions, and improve your marketability all with no capital expenditure. If you’re ready to evaluate your commercial or industrial facility, we’re ready to help.