Landfill Leachate 

Our nation’s landfills present a constant threat to our environment from the potential release of leachate into our drinking water. Leachate is a landfill waste product created when rainwater flows through decomposing waste and picks up toxic contaminants. In most cases, communities truck millions of gallons of leachate to a waste water treatment plant, where the biological processes in that plant don’t treat the leachate pollutants at all. The hazardous chemicals are simply diluted within the waste water stream, and then released into the environment through the local water shed. We now have the ability to treat the leachate on-site. The treated leachate can meet National Drinking Water standards and the hazardous chemicals are concentrated, made inert, and put back into the landfill for permanent containment. It is a cutting-edge solution that can save your organization time and money, as well as be friendly for the environment.