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What is Wastewater treatment?

Wastewater treatment is the process of treating wastewater - water that is not safe to discharge into the environment - and making it clean enough that is is safe to send back into the environment. The water treatment industry has begun a fundamental transformation. The focus in the past was simply cleaning up the water so it was safe to discharge, but that focus has now shifted to not only removing the contaminants from the water, but also finding ways to reuse those contaminants, where possible, as resources. With new technologies we are using, it is possible to remove the pure water molecules from the waste water stream(s), leaving the potentially valuable resources in a concentrated form. These resources can then be utilized or further refined, opening the door to many exciting possibilities and opportunities.


How water Treatment works


Water treatment is important to our environment. Even though two-thirds of the earth is covered in water, clean healthy water is rapidly becoming a limited resource. If the wastewater we create is not treated, it can be harmful to the environment and could even make the limited amount of fresh potable water we have on earth, unsafe and unusable. The good news in all of this is that the technolog now exists to treat wastewater in one step.

With our treatment processes and technologies, it’s possible to not only recover pure water, but we can also recover the valuable nutrients and fertilizers in a way that is cost effective, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.


Water Treatment Solutions


wastewater treatment

We’ve developed a solution for resource recovery in municipal waste water. Our solution provides a cost effective way to pull water from the wastewater stream and create Class A fertilizers from the concentrate.

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landfill leachate

Our Leachate water treatment can remove leachate on-site. After the water is treated, we can achieve National Drinking Water standards. The leachate and other chemicals are then treated, made inert, and sent back into landfills for containment.


Water Reuse

We take “dirty” water and remove the pure water molecules, leaving all the pollutants and contaminants behind. With clean water becoming more of a precious commodity in many communities, this technological breakthrough can provide a real solution to “water constrained” communities.


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